The Complete Guide to Building a Successful UGC Business

ImagineĀ creating content for dream brands and destinations WITHOUT having to post it on your social media?

How would you like to make a CONSISTENT4-5 figure income monthly from just a few brand contracts?

Are you an aspiring UGC creator looking to turn your passion into aĀ PROFITABLE business?


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Introducing a comprehensive 65 page step-by-step guide to help you start and grow a profitable business as a UGC creator...


Did you know that a whopping 86% of brands now incorporate UGC into their content strategy? UGC is all the rage now and more and more creators are building 6 figure businesses from creating UGC for brands.

So what exactly is UGC? UGC stands for User Generated Content which is original content created by a content creator that is published on a brand’s social media channels and used solely for their marketing purposes. 

For this reason, UGC creators don’t usually post the content they are paid to create on their own social media accounts, which means you don’t even need an audience to be a UGC creator!

What kind of brands are looking for UGC? Product or service based companies, apps and tools, hotels, tourism boards, travel agencies, and more. Basically any business that markets their products or services online!


For Only $499 $99 (limited-time only)

The results you can expect from this guide…


  • Create engaging, visually-appealing UGC content for brands
  • Turn your hobby and passion into a BUSINESS as a UGC creator
  • Build a 4 to 5 figure monthly income creating UGC for brands
  • Know how to pitch and land contracts with brands with no audience on social media required (or posting!)
  • Gain the confidence to pitch UGC collabs with proven templates and scripts
  • Build a simple yet professional portfolio that will stand out (even with no prior experience!)
  • Know what to charge, plus how to negotiate higher rates and contracts with ease, as well as create long-term contracts with brands


Gwen @chaoskiddosandharmony :

“Christina’s tips gave me the direction, drive, confidence and most importantly, the insight to know how to approach brands for UGC. Within a few short months of becoming crystal clear on my direction, thanks to this guide, I gained so many more opportunities working with major brands. I bring in about $3.5K a month from only 3 partnerships that I have yearly contracts with. And then on top of that, I bring in an extra $1-3K per month with shorter-term contracts!”

Sara @koppa7adventures:

“Originally I worked toward 'influencer status'. I had sufficient success with brand partnerships, but soon found out that posting on social and keeping up with everything was not for me. That is when I used Christina’s tips to change my path. I learned how to leverage my skills in photography and UCG content creation marketing to make a six figure salary per year without a big following or social posts.”

Anna @therobertswerehere:

As a creator/photographer I knew I had the photo and video skills to work with brands creating content for them, but I didn’t know how to actually make it happen. Christina’s guidance gave me the tools and confidence I needed to use my skills to pitch and land paid partnerships creating UGC for brands. I have now created content for dozens of brands such as Garmin, Hydroflask, Travel Nevada and others!

Jessica @wechoseadventures:

"Taking Christina's course opened up a whole new world of business for me! I learned that I had been charging WAY less than I should have been, how to find clients, how to pitch, and how to land BIG contracts. In a little over a year after taking her course I TRIPLED my income from my former full time job, went from occasional work to regular steady work, and turned my "side hustle" into a full-time creator business. I now get to spend my days with my family, traveling 9 months out of the year, and have a job I truly love."


For Only $499 $99 (limited-time only)

 How I went from working for FREE and struggling to land paid landing 4-5 figure contracts with brands creating UGC...

For the first 2 years of my business, I struggled to get brands to want to work with me, let alone PAY me. I was working with a few brands here and there, but most of them were just "exchanges", not paid. I had a small audience at the time, so brands weren't willing to pay me the big bucks because I lacked "influence".

I dreamt of creating a full-time income as a creator, but lacked the confidence and know-how to pitch myself without a big following on social media.

Eventually, I got my first big break--a paid contract with Royal Caribbean! They reached out to us because they liked our content and style, they weren't looking for our influence (we only had 7K followers at the time). Royal Caribbean hired us solely to create high-quality photos and videos to use for their marketing. I didn't have to post on my social media.

In 2018 I finally learned how to pitch and negotiate more effectively and have since landed dozens of 4-5 figure contracts with brands (plus hotels and tourism boards), such as Toyota, Backcountry, Outdoorsy, Thule, Sun Bum and more--mostly for UGC

But here is the BEST part...

Even though my audience is bigger now (I typically get paid for both UGC and social media promotions), the biggest pay checks have come from UGC--mostly creating Reels and photos for brands. I've also formed long-term relationships with several brands, enabling me to make consistent monthly income from UGC. 

I now generate multiple 6 figures a year working as a travel content creator. 

I’ve also been coaching travel creators for 4 years now and I absolutely love getting to help others create their dream lives and grow profitable and sustainable businesses doing what they love.

Now, I want to show you how you can do the same–whether you want to create a side hustle or build a full-time career as a travel creator. Not only am I proof that it is possible, but my students are too!

What The Complete Guide to Building a Successful

UGC Business includes:

UGC Creation Tips:

  • Learn how to create engaging content that will attract brands

  • UGC tutorials, resources and examples

  • Types of UGC brands are looking for

  • Simple equipment, editing apps and programs for creating UGC 

Pitching Tips and Templates:

  • Know where to find the right contacts (which brands to pitch!)

  • The dos and don’ts of pitching

  • What to offer and how much to charge for UGC

  • Proven pitch templates, negotiation tips, and follow-up examples (including templates for long-term contracts)

UGC Creator Portfolio:

  • Build a professional portfolio that highlights your work and stands out to brands (even with no prior experience!)

  • Examples of UGC portfolios

Business Tips:

  • Understand contracts and legalities of working with brands (to include red flags)

  • Setting up your business

For Only $499 $99 (limited-time only)

  Student Success Stories

Sarah @hausvonfloof:

“I have a small account, but have been able to leverage my skillset in photography and videography to land several paid UGC gigs with the help of Christina’s templates. I went from having a hard time getting brands to even respond to emails, to now making a full-time income creating content!”

Caroline @thetravelsquadfamily :

"This UGC guide has been an invaluable resource, allowing me to create content for brands, without having to post on my social media, and still getting paid in return. This comprehensive guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to pitch the brands you want to work with, negotiation skills, plus the actual content creation itself. I started doing UGC with a small following, and I highly recommend this resource to anyone looking to generate extra revenue in the content creation world! This guide has taken the guesswork out of building my UGC business!"

Jamey & Janessa @wearethemarcos:

“With the strategies and pitching templates that we learned from Christina we now make a full-time income from creating UGC for brands!”

Sammy @bigheartstinyspaces:

"Christina’s guides and tips helped me connect the dots I was missing navigating the world of content creation by myself. Through her program, I am now consistently making 4-5 figures a month with content creation.”

You asked, I answered...


For Only $499 $99 (limited-time only)