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Do you struggle with getting the “right” look for your photos?
Want to make your photos look more polished and professional?
Don’t have hours/day to edit your photos?


Edit your photos in seconds with my 1-click filters for Lightroom Mobile and Desktop!!

The purpose of my presets is to enhance your photos NATURALLY, not make them look fake or overly edited and altered.

Whether your photography goals are to create a cohesive Instagram feed to attract more followers, or a professional photography portfolio to book more clients, these presets will help you achieve the look you want!

With each preset pack, you'll find a diverse mixture of filters which can be used on a variety of images and settings. Sometimes it’s hard to find time to edit on your desktop or laptop, so my mobile presets are a quick and easy solution for editing on the go! (Plus, the Lightroom Mobile app is FREE!)


Essential Collection

Inside my Essential Collection, you will find 10 handcrafted presets (desktop and mobile) to make your photos pop, perfect for your everyday life. These presets are our go-to edits and the ones we use the most!

• Fresh
• Golden
• Moody
• Airy
• Everyday
• Indoor
• Muted
• Summertime
• Wintertime
• Warmth


Travel & Adventure Collection

The Travel & Adventure Collection includes 10 curated presets (desktop and mobile) perfect for a variety of landscapes and places. From the jungle, to the beach, to the mountains and desert, these beautiful filters that will bring out the natural beauty of your landscape.

• Beachy        
• Tropical      
• Paradise      
• Jungle           
• Rainforest   
• Desert
• Mountains
• City 
• Sunrise 
• Sunset



Ultimate Collection

The Ultimate Collection includes 20 handcrafted mobile and desktop presets with both the Essential Collection and the Travel & Adventure Collection. This complete preset pack will give you beautiful filters for a variety of photos and settings to include landscapes such as rainforests and jungles, tropical islands and beaches, desert and mountains. In addition, this collection includes my favorite presets for everyday life, whether you want that perfect warm, Summer glow or that fresh, clean look on your images.


Oh wait, there's more!

Macs Presets are ideal for beginners up to professionals--basically anyone looking for a quick and easy way to edit images on their mobile or desktop version of Lightroom CC or Lightroom Classic.

Each of my preset packs also comes with an easy to follow PDF guide, plus a step-by-step video tutorial to walk you through the simple process for how to import and use the presets in Lightroom.

My presets will be sent to you via download immediately upon payment received. 

I am also here to help! If you have any questions about installing, editing etc you can contact me via email at [email protected] and I will get back to you ASAP!

Read the FAQs

You don't need a Lightroom subscription in order to use the presets on your mobile device, just the free app. I also give you a tutorial on how to install them on your phone in the app. 

Yes! If you have Lightroom or even the latest version of Photoshop on your desktop, you can absolutely use them there too!

The presets are digital! Once you’ve purchased the presets, you will be sent an email confirmation with the attached downloads, along with step-by-step, written instructions on how to install in Lightroom. In addition, I provide a video tutorial on how to get the most of your Lightroom presets, as well as some other helpful tips on editing in Lightroom.

Each preset pack comes with 20 customized presets; 10 for Lightroom mobile and 10 for the desktop version!

Due to the digital nature of our Lightroom presets, we unfortunately do not provide refunds once they have been purchased. The only exception to this is in the case that a double purchase has been made.

You can email [email protected] and I will happily assist you with your inquiry as quickly as I can!

About Macs Explore

Christina is a photographer, online educator, influencer on Macs Explore and outdoor travel blogger for Adventure Together. She has successfully partnered with many major brands and destinations all over the world to create content for them and writes epic trip guides and itineraries for adventurous family travel. Her aesthetic is vibrant yet natural, bright yet crisp and her goal with her photography is to showcase the raw beauty of the places her family travels to.


What People Are Saying

I’ve always been a huge fan of your photography, so I was so excited to hear you were launching your presets! I just ordered them and LOVE them!


OMG! What a difference your presets have made! I love how with one click of a button, I can instantly transform my photos that pop more and look more professional. Thank you!


Your presets have been game-changers for my Instagram! After using your presets, my feed looks more professional, cohesive, and the extra bonus? I’m gaining more followers too!


Thank you so much for your beautiful presets! I’ve bought several preset packages in the past and was disappointed with how they looked on my photos. Your presets are the FIRST ones that I have loved that actually enhance the photo, not alter it like crazy.


These presets are absolutely PERFECT! I bought both the Essential and Travel packs and love them both, but especially your Essential presets! I can’t believe the difference these presets have made on my photos, without having to do much! THANK YOU!


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