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Hi, I’m Christina! 

I help travel influencers get paid to travel without professional photos, a big following or spending hours a day on Instagram.


F R E E  I N S T A G R A M  G U I D E

Are you burnt out trying to build your brand on Instagram and tired of not seeing the results you desire?

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I am obsessed with photography, spending time outdoors, podcasts and helping others live their best lives.

When I’m not out adventuring with my family, I spend my days creating the brand of my dreams doing what I love and making a positive impact on our community. My primary goal is to help struggling travel influencers and content creators get paid to travel without a big following, professional photos or spending hours a day on Instagram.

With over 4 years of experience creating a successful brand on Instagram as an outdoor/travel content creator, influencer and blogger, I know what it takes to get paid to travel (even with a small audience!). We started partnering with major brands and destinations across the world with only 5K followers. Since then, we have built an audience of over 60K real and engaged followers, while generating thousands of dollars in income over the last few years. This has allowed us to travel full-time which has been our ultimate dream!

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I  N  T  R  O  D U  C  I  N  G


Create the brand of your dreams with this all-inclusive program designed to help you build and monetize your travel brand on Instagram that is not only profitable, but makes a positive impact on your community.

This online membership program will walk you step-by-step on how to create a more defined vision for your brand that will help you stand out in the crowd, grow and engage your ideal audience faster and more effectively, improve your aesthetic, pitch and land sponsored work with brands and destinations, and MUCH MORE. And the best part? My system helps you achieve those results in LESS TIME with my proven and tested methods. My students are proof of that!


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Using the strategies in Insta-Success I have been able to polish my style, improve my photography, as well as refine my message. That has generated in more growth and better engagement with my audience, while helping me focus on what matters for my brand and IG.

Finally having the right tools and knowledge to pitch and negotiate brand deals has been HUGE for me. Even during a pandemic, I have had consistent monthly income working with brands and feel more confident that I can really make this a profitable business!

~ Rocio @realworldmami

Insta-Success has been the missing piece for my brand. Since learning the methods, my engagement has TRIPLED and is growing everyday without spending more time on IG. I have followers meaningfully commenting daily and it blows my mind! I also gained over 5K real, targeted followers in less than a few months following the methods in the program.

Since joining Insta-Success, more and more brands have reached out to me and I am getting consistent paid sponsorships. I never thought this day would come, it's been a dream come true!

~ Sammy @bigheartstinyspaces

In just a few short months, I grew my audience from less than 15K to nearly 30K followers using the strategies inside Insta-Success, but not only that I pitched and landed my very first paid trip with a destination! I have also worked with several product brands and hotels in Europe. I love that I now have the confidence and tools to partner with brands!

I was really going back and forth on whether to enroll in Insta-Success, but having gone through the program now, I would have gladly paid double!

~ Yentl @the_jehouligans_travel


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