The Complete Blueprint to Landing Paid Collabs with Tourism Boards

Imagine traveling to dream destinations and not only experiencing that destination for FREE, but getting PAID for your content?

How would you like to land 4 and 5 figure contracts with tourism boards, even in your home state or region?

What if I told you that the #1 thing holding you back from getting paid to travel isn’t the number of followers you have, but the BELIEF that you need thousands of followers to land collaborations with tourism boards?


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Introducing a comprehensive 40 page step-by-step guide to help you land collaborations with tourism boards...


For Only $499 $99 (limited-time only)

The transformation you can expect…


  • Learn how to successfully land collaborations with tourism boards
  • Turn your hobby and passion into a BUSINESS as a travel creator
  • Land 4 to 5 figure contracts with tourism boards
  • Know how to get paid to work with tourism boards with less than 2K followers (and zero prior experience!)
  • Gain the confidence to pitch tourism boards with proven templates and scripts
  • Build a media kit and portfolio that will attract tourism boards
  • Know what to offer and charge, plus how to negotiate higher rates and contracts with ease


Anthony & Jodie @learnersandmakers:

“With less than 2K followers, we’ve completed hosted trips and paid content projects for over a dozen brands and tourism boards now after learning Christina’s tips!”

Amy @everydayoutdoorfamily:

“Within one month of learning how to pitch tourism boards, I was already in negotiations with 2 tourism boards (and another interested in working with me)!”

India @ourwanderlust_life:

“I have been building a relationship with a tourism board and just signed a contract for almost 5 figures! And I have less than 5K followers!”

Stephanie @familytravelnomads:

“Using Christina’s templates I landed my first media trip with a tourism brand even though I only had 3k followers. Now at almost 4k, I’ve done 5 paid media trips…and counting!”

Tiffany @thestokefam:

"With Christina's tips and guidance, I've learned to confidently pitch, build relationships, and lead with my strengths. Last year, with less than 4,000 followers, I secured several partnerships, including a 5-figure contract with a major tourism board!"


For Only $499 $99 (limited-time only)

 How I went from working for FREE and struggling to land paid landing $20K+ contracts with tourism boards...

For the first 2 years of my business, I struggled to get brands to want to work with me, let alone PAY me. I was making a little money from a few brand collabs, but not enough to quit my day job and go full-time as a travel creator.

I dreamt of working with tourism boards because I enjoyed creating content for destinations more than product brands.

But I couldn’t quite crack the code for tourism boards.

It seemed like I needed a ton of followers, experience working with tourism boards, or an established blog.

Little did I know at the time that tourism boards were looking for MORE than just influencers and bloggers, they were also looking for content creators that could take quality photos and videos, and even write for them!

In 2017 I learned how to pitch and negotiate more effectively and landed my very first contract with a tourism board in our home state!

That first gig with a state tourism board turned into a long-term partnership that brought in more than $20K over the next 1.5 years…

And opened the door for new opportunities to work with other tourism boards!

Since then, I’ve worked with tourism boards including Visit Montana, Reno-Tahoe, Visit Idaho, Discover Vail, West Virginia Tourism, Travel Wyoming, and even tourism boards in other countries including Visit Brazil.

But here is the BEST part...

My biggest brand deals have come from tourism boards!
They are also my favorite kind of partnerships because we get to visit new places and share once-in-a-lifetime experiences together as a family.

I now make multiple 6 figures a year working as a travel content creator. 

I’ve also been coaching travel creators for 4 years now and I absolutely love getting to help others create their dream lives and grow profitable and sustainable businesses doing what they love.

Now, I want to show you how you can do the same–whether you want to create a side hustle or build a full-time career as a travel creator. Not only am I proof that it is possible, but my students are too!

What The Complete Blueprint to Landing Paid Collabs with Tourism Boards includes:

Tourism Boards Secrets:

  • Learn ALL the ins and outs of working with tourism boards

  • How to stand out and what kind of content attracts tourism boards

  • Content creation tips to ensure a successful partnership

  • How to build long-term relationships with tourism boards

Pitching Tips and Templates:

  • Know where to find the right contacts (who to pitch!)

  • The dos and don’ts of pitching

  • What to offer and how much to charge for deliverables

  • Proven pitch templates, negotiation strategies, and follow-up examples

Travel Creator Portfolio:

  • Build the perfect media kit

  • Case study, rate sheet and portfolio

Contracts and Terms:

  • Understand the legalities of working with tourism boards

  • Know typical contract terms and red flags to look out for

For Only $499 $99 (limited-time only)

  Student Success Stories

Preethi @eagertravele:

“With the strategies and pitching templates included in this guide, I went from struggling to get paid work from tourism boards to landing $10K+ contracts with tourism boards, including a dream partnership with Visit California!”

Annika @borntobeadventurous:

“I am so thankful that I have started valuing my worth. The last few years I have increased my partnerships with tourism boards and have secured contracts over 5 figures thanks to Christina’s tips. It feels great to do the work that I love doing.”

Rocio @realworldmami:

“My very first partnerships with tourism boards earned me 4 and 5 digits. I’ve also created long-term partnerships which have brought in consistent income and allowed me to take care of my family.”

Holly @burgessadventures:

“After learning how to pitch using Christina's guides, I started working with local tourism boards in the province I live in!”

You asked, I answered...


For Only $499 $99 (limited-time only)