The Ultimate Guide to Viral Reels

Are you struggling to gain traction with your Reels and seeing SLOW GROWTHĀ on Instagram?

Do you lack a content strategy that not only gets you betterĀ results with Reels, but SAVES YOU TIME creatingĀ Reels so you can spend less time on your phone?

Are you frustrated that you can't seem to get consistent views with Reels and convertĀ VIEWERS INTOĀ 


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Everything you need to know to GROW faster on Instagram with REELS


For Only $299 $99 (limited time only)

The Ultimate Guide to Viral Reels will help you…


  • Grow your ideal audience faster with high-performing Reels 
  • Create a content strategy that converts viewers into followers
  • Learn how to batch Reels to save time
  • Know which proven hooks, transitions, Call-to-Actions and other Reels strategies work to keep viewers engaged
  • Minimize overwhelm with a proven content planning system
  • Create Reels that stand out and speak to your ideal follower
  • Master writing captions that increase engagement on Reels
  • Know what editing tools and apps are best for creating Reels 
  • Keep up with current Reels trends, new features and updates


Alex @travelhackingmom:

"About 2 years ago, I was flying by the seat of my pants with no real plan of how to take my hobby and turn it into a business. Once I learned how to properly utilize Reels to build my audience with Christina's trainings, I was able to grow our audience from 3K to over 90K in just a few months! Now we have 160K followers and the best part is we've gained the right kind of followers which are our ideal customer for our online travel hacking course."

Ashley & Rob @peeples.and.places:

"Christina is a wealth of knowledge. I took her course and learned not only how to grow my audience from 5K to over 75K in less than a year from Reels, but how to land brand deals!"


"I made a Reel telling our story that got over 500K views! The most exciting part is that those views have turned into thousands of new followers!"

Alexis @worldtraveladventurers:

"Using the strategies I learned from Christina, we started posting daily Reels and grew from 27K to over 200K in just 7 months. Our Reels used to get only a few thousand views, and then many started getting 100K+ views. We have also had several viral Reels with over 1M views with one at 38 million views!"

Julie & Chris

“For a long time we didn’t see success with Reels, but after testing different strategies that Christina teaches, we finally saw results! Our first viral Reel reached 2M which brought us a few thousand followers. Since then, we’ve had several viral Reels and grew our audience from under 1K to over 100K!”


For Only $299 $99 (limited time only)

 How Reels changed the game for me...


Hi! I'm Christina, a full-time adventure travel content creator, entrepreneur and creator coach. When Reels first launched in 2020, I was NOT excited about adopting yet ANOTHER new Instagram feature, especially short-form video which intimidated me at first. After all, I was a PHOTOGRAPHER!

However, I knew that if I wanted to grow my audience faster, I needed to jump on the Reels train. Plus, more and more brands were requesting Reels!

For the first year, I struggled to get over 100K views on a Reel, which led to a lot of frustration and confusion. But after spending weeks researching and studying what others were doing to have success with Reels, I started to implement different strategies which yielded better results.

Now with over 80K followers and dozens of "viral" Reels, I finally cracked the code. On top of my own results, I have also helped hundreds of students achieve their own success with Reels!

The best part though?

My students are not only building their audiences faster (with even BIGGER results than my own!), but many of them are landing MORE brand partnerships and building a profitable business from travel content creation. That is the best kind of success because vanity metrics don't mean anything unless you're monetizing your account!

What you will master in The Ultimate Guide to Viral Reels:

Reels Content Strategy:

  • Reels Do's and Don'ts 

  • How to boost views and engagement

  • Best proven practices for Reels

  • How to create eye-catching content that attracts your ideal follower

  • Proven Reels ideas

  • Hooks and Call-to-Action ideas

  • Audio tips and tricks

Reels Planning and Organization:

  • How to batch content to save time (in less than 2 hours a week!)

  • Planning systems to avoid overwhelm or creator burnout

  • Best tools and apps for creating Reels that stand out

  • Learn tips and tricks to simplify and streamline your Reels creation process

  • Keep up with trends and new features



Reels Secrets:

  • How to convert viewers to followers

  • The Magic Formula of a Viral Reel

Reels Tutorials and Resources:

  • Reels additions and updates

  • How-to tutorials

For Only $299 $99 (limited time only)

  Student Success Stories

Kyle @adventure_parks:

"The guidance Christina provides on Reels literally changed our lives. Once we learned how to use Reels to get maximum reach to attract our ideal audience and then educate them within our niche, our account took off! Soon after implementing the strategies Christina teaches, we had a Reel go viral with over 20 million views and over a dozen others with views in the millions. Our account quickly grew from just a few hundred followers to over 100k and now we’re making five figures monthly from the account - all because of Reels!"

Alicia @simoncrewadventure:

"Before learning Christina’s tips, I was scattered and inconsistent in my posting. Her course helped me develop a focused and consistent posting schedule based on my life and family needs. I committed to one reel per day and our account grow from 5K to 96K within 5 months!! The strategies I learned in this course gave me exactly what I needed to excel as a content creator!"

Emily @amomexplores:

“I’ve had a few Reels hit over 1M views now (one over 8M!) which were all short Reels with quick tips. This has helped me pick up thousands of new followers. I also FINALLY had a 60 second Reel hit 1M views which felt more exciting because I felt like I was providing more value. It was a video on what we packed for a week in Costa Rica.”

Jodi @parents_who_travel:

“With Christina’s trainings, I was able to create Reels with amazing reach and millions of views. My growth went from 20K followers to over 100K followers due to successful Reels within just a few-months time. I highly recommend anything Christina has to offer including her Reels guide.”

You asked, I answered...


For Only $299 $99 (limited time only)