See what kind of results Christina’s students are getting:

T O T A L  G A M E  - C H A N G E R


WOW!! What a game changer Insta-Success has been for our Instagram! In just the first few months of following the steps laid out in the course, our account went from less than 3K followers to over 10K engaged followers, our engagement has increased and our impressions have tripled!

Christina will share throughout the course that numbers shouldn't be your "why" and while we 100% agree with her, how exciting is it to see growth when you are trying to grow a business?! :) Christina has created a course that is more than just information, it is a course that is geared toward offering a place of encouragement where like-minded creators can gather together and grow. The Facebook group alone is worth the price! We are so thankful for Christina's encouraging heart and her availability to answer any question we throw her way!

~ Casey @therayslovetoroam

D O E S N ' T  H O L D  A N Y T H I N G  B A C K


Hands-down the most helpful thing I have done to grow and monetize my IG! Christina doesn’t hold anything back in her course, Insta-Success. Everything you need to learn to be successful on IG so you can attract and land brand deals is included in this course.

Since taking this course, I’ve seen BIG improvements in my growth and engagement. I am also starting to land some sponsored work, even as a smaller account!

~ Laura @crayonsandcairns

F O C U S E D  A N D  P U R P O S E - D R I V E N


After completing Christina’s Insta-Success course I am finally starting to confidently grow my business through Instagram! The course is full of practical strategies and advice that has helped me clearly define my brand and my niche. Since implementing Christina’s strategies I have seen real results with consistent growth while also building an engaged and connected audience.

In just a few months, I went from 5K to 12K real and engaged followers! I was able to confidently land a paid partnership with a local tourism board and go on my first paid trip!

I have also started to have major brands and other tourism boards reach out to us to partner with them. I can finally say that I am inspired and excited to share on Instagram again! I no longer feel stale or stagnant, but rather focused and purpose-driven. Thank you Christina!

~ Gina @driftwoodsfamily


D E F I N E D  M Y  B R A N D 


Signing up for Insta-Success course was one of the best decisions I could have made for my brand. The course is well laid out, with wonderful print media to put pen to paper and outline my ideas, plans, and goals. I worked through it at my own pace, implementing new strategies as I learned them.

Within the first two weeks of taking the course I increased my weekly impressions by 10k and gained 500 new, engaged followers. I have even started landing a couple of sponsored partnerships, one with a dream brand of mine!

Whether you are a business or a blog, and no matter what industry you are in, you will benefit from the strategies taught in this course!

~ Nichole

B E S T  I N V E S T M E N  T  E V E R     


I have enrolled in several different courses in the past that teach branding, blogging, to even influencing. None of them have come close to what Christina offers with her Insta-Success course. Her sheer enthusiasm and support she gives you is priceless. On top of it all, I have made some amazing connections with other bloggers/influencers in the Members-Only FB group, which adds so much value of the course.

In just a few months, my audience has more than tripled in size (to over 15K!) and my engagement is better than ever. I also landed my first major paid collaboration with a big Swiss tourism board!

Insta-Success really is a mecca of information and support that you will not get anywhere else! I have learned so much in a very short time and it is now starting to pay off!

~ Corina @packedagain

B U I L T    C O M M U N I T Y 


I always knew I needed to put some energy into building my brand on Instagram, but I really didn’t know WHAT or HOW to do it.

 After implementing the strategies from the course, I was able to increase my engagement tenfold, grow my following again (after months of being stuck!) and finally have a purpose and a plan to pitch to brands!

Christina does a suburb job building community, answering questions and being very thorough - I highly recommend Insta-Success if you want to stand out on Instagram and finally start seeing results!

~ Amelia

B E T T E R  C O N N E C T I O N


It has always been important for me to stay authentic and true to myself as I grow. Christina is so motivating and teaches so many great strategies that help you identify and build your brand. I especially love that this course teaches you how to increase engagement by focusing on connecting better with your existing community.

With Insta-Success, I've seen a huge increase in engagement from my followers! I also have more confidence and direction in pitching to brands now and landed a year-long paid ambassadorship with a local tourism board!

~ Annika @borntobeadventurous


R O A D M A P  T O  S U C C E S S


Christina’s Insta-Success Course is incredibly informative on all things Instagram. From fine-tuning your brand, to best practices for great photography, to her secrets on how to triple your reach with hashtags, to top strategies for building an engaged community, we are thrilled with the amount of knowledge and practical solutions packed into this excellent course.

We now fully understand the direction of our brand and what we have to offer our followers and have grown exponentially in terms of followers and engagement since beginning the course.

Our goal is to gain sponsors and partnerships as we grow, and Christina lays out a detailed road map for brands to get to this point. We would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to up their Instagram game!

~ Katherine @thisbucketlistlife

F R O M  D R E A M  T O  R E A L I T Y 


After going through the Insta-Success program I've noticed so many improvements! I learned how to clearly and properly define my niche and brand and I have much higher engagement from my audience. Plus, my hashtags are finally attracting the right community!

My posts have become more thoughtful and it's given me the tools to really take our Instagram to the next level. The biggest thing Christina has offered me in her course is a boost of confidence to grow and start connecting with paid sponsors. With just over 3K followers, I have already landed several paid partnerships with brands that I love! Everything in this program was laid out with the exact steps I needed to start turning this dream into a reality!"

~ Taylor @meanderingmay

M A S S I V E  H A S H T A G  S U C C E S S


After implementing just the first few steps that I learned from Insta-Success, I noticed a huge increase in my followers and engagement. I have had brands reach out to us to partner with and large accounts share our posts which has also increased our following.

The hashtag guide was such a great bonus that when I started using her suggestions and following here guidelines, my impressions went from less than 1,000 to over 10,000 impressions, even sometimes up to 20,000!!  

I haven’t implemented every strategy yet and can’t imagine how much more successful our account will be once I do! I can’t thank Christina enough for putting together this course to help others achieve success in this confusing world of Instagram! She definitely knows what she’s talking about!

~ Pamela

S K Y R O C K E T  E N G A G E M E N T


Joining Insta-Success was one of the best decisions I made to take my Instagram brand to the next level! Within only ONE week of starting the course I DOUBLED my followers and over the next two months 4 X my audience! Since completing the course and implementing the strategies I learned in Insta-Success, nmy engagement has skyrocketed. I have also improved my photography drastically which has made such a difference!

The course content is thorough covering everything from creating an intentional and effective profile to targeting the right audience, to creating highly engaged posts, and securing sponsored work. Christina over-delivers with invaluable guides and resources that are yours to refer to over and over again and at your own pace! Whether you’re new to the platform or looking to grow and monetize, Insta-Success is a tool to take you to the next level! 

Monica @monro_and_co

D A I L Y  S T E A D Y  G R O W T H


When I signed up for this, I was expecting a ton of reading, but Christina’s course is video based with worksheets and guides to keep you feeling motivated and accomplished from start to finish. Christina teaches in an enthusiastic, yet nurturing, way that makes me feel supported and proud to be a member of her tribe. I haven’t quite completed the course yet, but 

my skills have already improved in every way and I’m seeing steady growth daily.

The course is so enjoyable, I’m already excited to go back through a second time to polish up and catch things I might have missed. Not only is Christina knowledgeable, but she’s down-to-earth and attentive. 

Expect an honest and quick reply to every question, email and even every post in her awesome and supportive Facebook group! Christina gives so much to make the course well worth every penny. Don’t pass this up!

~ Leanne

A C H I E V I N G  G O A L S


Christina really knows her stuff when it comes to Instagram and her course has helped me polish my aesthetic, double my audience, and even land some sponsored work with brands and tour agencies.

But most importantly, Christina's course has helped me grow an engaged community of travelers that I love sharing with and learning from. Taking the course has really helped us to identify our purpose and goals on IG and actively work towards them!

~ Ashley @born_explorers

F A N T A S T I C  V A L U E


I signed up for Insta-Success after months of feeling stuck and burned out with Instagram. I finally found a program that is an excellent resource to get me back on track to build my brand and grow my audience!

 Insta-Success is packed full of high quality tips, effective and actionable strategies, and well-thought-out guides that also cover photography, media kits and working with sponsors.

You can work on it at your own pace and will learn so much to help build your brand on Instagram and see results! Throughout the course, Christina shares the invaluable knowledge she's gained from her own experiences in building a large, engaged audience and working with brands and destinations.

She regularly provides advice and feedback through live coaching calls and on the Insta-Success Facebook group, which is a wonderful, supportive and encouraging community. Insta-Success is such a well done program at a fantastic value - I can't recommend it highly enough!

~ Cindy @piccoloexplorer

B E S T  D E C I S I O N


I am super grateful for Insta-Success and the community that Christina has provided me! It has sooo much incredible value and I love that Christina is always adding to it and giving her tribe the best and most current strategies to grow and monetize your brand on Instagram.

In just a few short months, I have grown my audience from less than 15K to almost 30K followers, but not only that I have pitched my very first paid trip with a destination that we are excited about! I have also partnered with several product brands and tourism boards which is exciting! I love that I now have the confidence and tools to partner with brands!

I was really going back and forth on whether to enroll in Insta-Success, but having gone through the course now, I would have gladly paid double!

~ Yentl @the_jehouligans_travel


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